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SUDDENLY:Mushrooms is a platform for alternative conversations and the strengthening of international connections. A digital magazine showcasing thought-provoking work from around the world.


The magazine is born from Ffangaí's commitment to supporting artists to come together to start new conversations, and from these create new work. We believe that by expanding our horizons, not only can we, as creatives, discover new ideas to be inspired by, but new ventures altogether.

Our first year has seen us investigate death, and ponder how artists are inspired. Our first issue looked at death as a source of inspiration and a place for artists from Jamaica to India to wander in the mists. Our second issue more than doubled in size; we had more than 40 submissions, and the 21 artists we chose, share the catalysts that kickstart their work - political protest, the forest, Mars, and in some cases, dialogues with the magazine's previous issue. 


So far, SUDDENLY:Mushrooms has been a place showcasing wonderful work from around the world, but we want to do more. As our network of contributors grows, and our editing team expands, SUDDENLY:Mushrooms will seek to be a platform that not only displays, but creates new work. We're planning to experiment with new approaches to digital publication and, hopefully, even attempt print.

*Efallai na fydd rhai dolenni allanol ar gael trwy gyfrwng yr iaith Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd.